Johnson P. California

High Tuition: What it's costing

Education is important for everyone. Not just the rich or the poor, but for everyone.

  Dear Mr. or Mrs. President

  College has been an important part of society for a long time. Sadly, the tuition of colleges has caused made families struggle to send their child to higher education. Every year students ask for federal loans to help them pay for college, however this is causing many students to end up with an average of $32,721.00 in student loan debt. College is too costly and is causing many students enter the workforce with no education or experience. 
    Higher education is a very important investment for students exiting high school. The number of students enrolling into colleges has dropped over 15% since 2008. With less people becoming skilled in a field, the unemployment rate is rising because they cannot land a paying job. Many students who do enroll into college and get accepted end up delaying dental and medical health. Employers usually look for healthy employees which is causing less of them to earn a job in the field they chose. Adding on to that, majors like engineering and business have to pay higher tuition. With less people majoring in engineering and business because of the cost, it is making more students end up in a career that college did not prepare them for. 
     If I were to choose a solution to lower college tuition, I would support Barack Obama's plan to lower college tuition. He wants community college to be free and for college tuition to be based off of how the students graduating can perform. Community college is responsible for educating twenty-four million students. With community college free, students can improve their transcripts so that they will not spend their hard earned money enrolling for colleges that they know they will not be accepted in. Former Secretary of Education, William Bennett, said that only 150 out of 3500 college institutions are actually "worth it". If each colleges' tuition was based off of how students exiting them performed, students could know which college would be worth their investment. Also, if community colleges were free, money from the Pell Institute Grants could go towards funding colleges buy paying for textbooks and utilities. 
    College is one of the most expensive investments a person could ever make in their life. Compared to the 1995 college prices have risen 296% in 20 years. College is very crucial but it is too costly for many students in the nation. College graduates end up considerably higher amount than people who enter the work force after college and helps you gain more important skills for working in your job field. I want you to help more students be able to attend college in their life since their is always something else to learn. Please take this letter to heart and make college cheaper for all.