Brandon F. Georgia

Military Funding

The military should get more funding put into them to increase the quantity and quality of the equipment they get.

Dear future president,

I’m writing to you today to say you should put more funding into the armed forces and its technology. There are many reasons I believe you should do this and some of them are listed below. I know money is a difficult matter to discuss. Nonetheless you should still do something about the military it’s funding and think about increasing it.

The first reason is terrorism and its increasing threat since the Syrian civil war. If the military had a greater apparatus, and more of it, we’d be able to deal with them faster. The military already has decent gear but if they had better paraphernalia, it would be more beneficial towards everyone including the civilians. Terrorism is a huge problem and if they were equipped with a better kit and more advanced gear we’d be able to stop the increasing threat of terrorism.

Secondly, is the troops that give their lives to protect us, and I believe they deserve nothing but the best equipment. If we plan on helping them out with more and better hardware to work with we need to increase their funding. With the current funding they are receiving they can get decent gear but sometimes not even enough to give to all. I believe that since they are putting their lives on the line they deserve nothing but the best in return for making the ultimate sacrifice.

Finally, war might be solved faster and occur less often with more of the superior gear. Things like the Syrian civil war could be solved faster before the bloodshed gets any worse than it already is. Our military just needs more funding just to help them out more and end it quicker. We’ve had wars in the past that lasted so long and many, many people died and all because neither side had the advantage of firepower to win the battles. Wars would also be less common of a sight because our foes would be intimidated of the firepower we could use against them to win in a war.

When you get elected President I hope you take into consideration all the reasons listed above and increases the funding that goes towards the military. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope also that you can address these facts and give them thought before making a choice. Good luck in the White House.


Brandon F.