John L. Washington


I give my opinion on Donald Trump's military propositions

Dear Donald Trump,

I don’t think there is any necessity to have such a large military. As we are, we already have one of the, if not the biggest military in the world. So I just don’t see any way in which a bigger military can be useful. In any case, a large military will cause tensions with other countries. And besides, there isn’t much conflict between countries nowadays. There wouldn’t be enough people to attend other more important issues.

In the days of old, the US got a lot of power from expansion; conquering lands and territories. There was the belief that it was our destiny to expand and show our political system all around the world. But in this era, that can’t happen anymore. There is so much communication that everyone already knows what the US does. Nobody wants conflict, and everybody is already afraid of the US. So having a bigger military wouldn’t change anything, except make other nations feel threatened or oppressed, which could just be what starts a conflict.

Having a really big military would also mean having more people working in the military and less in other important fields, such as: science, medicine, government, industry, etc. This means that the US will excel in military area, but will fall behind in other areas. Having a great military at the expense of other fields is not worth it, especially considering the small amount of big scale conflict throughout recent years. Not only that, our military is already very big, and making it even bigger is completely unnecessary. If anything, it would be more useful to develop our diplomatic ways to deal with conflict.

Having a huge military should not be a goal of the next presidency. Doing so would be a waste of money and man power, because there hasn’t been the need for a big military, and other fields of work would get less representation. It would also make the US look like it’s taking an offensive stance, which could be threatening to other countries and cause conflict. Also, it would be a redundant move, since we already have one of the biggest militaries in the world. Our military should be strong, but it should not be our strongest asset. There are other things worth developing, things that could be more effective than the military.