Sami B. Washington


This letter is about the tax plan for entrepreneurs, and that i really like Mr. Trumps' tax plan and it also includes a tax plan of my own and keep up the hard work Mr. Trump.

Sami Baghban

3 November 2016

Dear Mr. Trump,

Hey my name is Sami Baghban and I am a great supporter of what you are doing, and are planning to do. The thing that is more important to me is taxing. I am a young entrepreneur, and I’m trying to start my own business working hard to be successful like you one day. In the United States the current tax rate is around 35% or so. I believe that the small businesses and even big corporations such as Apple and Microsoft shouldn’t be punished for creating so many jobs.

One of the things that Hillary wants to do that I strongly disagree with is that she wants to raise taxes for businesses and corporations. This makes it hard for people like me to start a business and make money off of it. I’ve always said this when tax rates go up it’s never the huge corporations that suffer it’s always the middle class small businesses that have big dreams. I just don’t understand how people that are creating hundreds and thousands of jobs would be punished as much as they do. For example Apple has created more than 620,000 jobs and Microsoft a huge corporation has created more than 14.7 million jobs around the world. Not only Apple has created so many jobs but in 2013 they paid more than 9 billion for tax and Microsoft has paid more than 3 billion in taxes. How is this not enough from there companies.

I have a tax plan that I think in my opinion is very reasonable which is that when a person or a corporation makes 100 million dollars in 2016 instead of them giving 15-30% to the government they should have to spend that money. They can buy whatever they want, they can build buildings, buy cars, houses, and heck even make sculptures. This way the money that they earn fairly by doing hard work they can enjoy that money and the money would be put into the system. Imagen a company that makes 23 billion dollars like Microsoft spending 15% on making stores, building buildings, investing more money on other companies etc. This is all I had to say. The last thing I want to tell you is keep up the good work and don’t let the haters get to you. LET’S MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.


Sami Baghban