Brian D. California

Guns in the U.S are getting out of control.

This country is too dangerous with too many people on the streets with guns.

Dear future President,

    Will you be the next to die from a civilian with a gun? Will you be the next to die from a civilian with a gun?

The laws on guns in the U.S are not strict enough because there is a huge loophole in the law that makes purchasing a gun too easily. Most states do not require background checks for guns purchased at a gun show or from a private seller, the law only calls for licensed dealers to hold background checks like Bass Pro Shops or Dicks Sporting Goods. This means that a fugitive running from the law can go to a local gun show and purchase a gun without any hassle. This can make the streets very dangerous because anyone even criminals or people who are unstable can go out and purchase a firearm that can kill many people. According to NBC News, “More than 80 percent of guns used in mass shootings are obtained illegally” (Elizabeth Chuck) This loophole is an easy fix and will help to stop mass shootings.

To purchase a gun in the United States of America is way too easy because guns can get into the hands of the wrong people too easily. After having background checks on every person trying to purchase a gun there is two more steps in order to buy a gun. The first step to acquire a gun is to take some type of training class just like a driving test to get your license. This will make sure that every person that has a gun knows what they are doing with their gun that they purchased. But that is not all you need to do when you are going the purchase a gun. The last step is that the person who owns the gun needs to agree to pay a tax every year for their gun just like a car owner would do. A car and a gun are very different but which could be more dangerous? Background checks cannot be the only step in purchasing a gun because people may get through the system just like a man named Dylann Roof. According to CNN, “ Dylann Roof, bought his .45-caliber Glock at a gun store in Charleston, where he would have been required to pass a background check. Though he had been arrested earlier this year for trespassing and drug possession, he apparently met the legal criteria.” (CNN Money). Dylan Roof was the man who killed 9 people in Charleston, South Carolina. 

Any restrictions to stop the ownership of guns should be opposed because the second amendment right in the US Constitution gives us the right to bear arms. Criminals will still get guns, they will not follow the laws, and these restrictions will only hurt law abiding citizens. This would mean good people cannot protect themselves. According to New York Daily News , “This will lead to the government confiscating our guns.” (A look at major arguments by the NRA and its allies against measures to curb gun violence) On the other hand, these restrictions are not meant to take guns away from the citizens, the laws are meant to keep people safer. These laws are not meant to take away anybody’s second amendment rights, although it may seem like that to gun rights advocates. Times are changing and we are not living in the 1700’s, the country is changing and the laws need to change with society.

The amount of shooting incidents in the United States in 2016 have been outrageous. The loophole needs to be fixed and the steps in order to purchase a gun has to be implemented in the United States. According to the Gun Violence Archive, in the United States there has been around 48,392 gun incidents in 2016. The people need to get the word out of these new changes that need to be implemented right away in the United States of America. People can still have a gun but the process to get the gun needs to be changed to keep everyone feel safe in this great country.

Thank You,

Brian D

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Zhebel - English 8

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