Hunter H. Colorado

Education in the United States

What can be done to change the struggling public school system in America

Dear President,

I’ve seen the struggles of the public school system first hand, going to them my whole life varying between both charter and non-charter. Even in a well-established and thriving city such as Fort Collins, with plenty of good high schools to choose from. I have seen a downfall in the quality of teaching, resources, internal motivation among students, beneficial curriculum and poor wages among staff. The public school system, especially among lower income areas, is broken. I have been fortunate enough to be enrolled in schools with proper resources, and good teachers within charter schools. When I transitioned to regular public schools it became evident that there are many problems that need to be looked at. I think it should start with the hiring of very qualified teachers that have the desire to ignite change within young impressionable students while being played over $70,000 a year.  


Hunter H.