Angelo I. California

Education is the first step

Nationwide economics education can help prepare our citizens for the future.

 Dear Future President,

I’ve lived on this planet for 16 years, and 12 of those years were spent on education. I am now learning about our economic system my senior year, and I have already learned many useful topics that will help me with my journey to being an adult. However, I do think that the U.S. can improve our education system because we are only ranked 14th in education in the world. Improving the education system now, will help decrease other issues including poverty, health, and environment in the future.

I am aware of the many other issues we have in the world such as poverty, health, racism, and climate changes are occurring all around the world. I believe the best way to fix that is to educate the students about these issues. We need to make them aware of these issues so we can prevent them from happening in the first place. For example, if we have more educated students that means that less people would live in poverty because they will be able to get jobs.

As you probably know, an economics course is a requirement to graduate high school in California. However, other states do not have economics as a required class to graduate, which is disappointing. As young adults about to live on our own, we need the knowledge about the exchange of money. Only 20 states require students to take an economics class. I watch videos online talking about the unnecessary classes we take and how we aren’t prepared for the real world. This goes to saying that we need to have every state make economics class a requirement for high schools. In fact, some students are still not well prepared for making economic decisions even after taking the class. I believe the class should be a year long so students have more time to grasp and understand the material and are ready to use the tools prepared for them in the real world.



Santa Clara High School

Santa Clara High School

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