Sophia T. California

Ending World Hunger!

Eating is a thing most people do daily however for the one out of eight people that do not eat daily in the United States, that is something as a country we can try to fix.

Dear next President,

I go to bed with a full stomach each night, I can only imagine all the people who go to bed with a empty stomach each night it makes me want to help. Decreasing the price of healthy food and supplying food banks and other organizations with money from the government will help. 

There are people all over the world who are hungry, they are not getting more than one meal per day this is happening because they cannot afford good healthy meals or it is that the people don’t live in communities that supply them with enough food on daily basis.

People in other countries are hungry and most of the time it is because they can not afford a good healthy meal, therefore we should find a way to lower the price of nutritious food. The biggest reason why people are suffering from a food shortage is because they are not eating healthy, they cannot afford the food that really counts. The president should make a law request to lower the price of food that is better for your body by at least 15% and this will give the hungry people the nutrition they need at a price they can possibly afford. A study in 2013 at Harvard school of public health found out that a healthy diet is $1.50 more than eating non nutritious food. Which means that if you were a family of four you would be spending $2,200 extra money on food that counts to your health. Meanwhile not only is the difference between healthy food and and unhealthy food cost it has increased over the past ten year period. I know this because in an article written by Victoria Bekiempis she found more information from Harvard that from 2002 through 2012 the price of healthy food has gone up by 35% within the past ten years.

Internationally organizations around the world help communities feed the hungry however if the government stepped in the people who are experiencing food poverty will decrease because organizations can only do so much with the money and the food they have. World hunger is a problem in the United States, organizations all over the world are helping and contributing to try and feed as many people as they can. The result is that they have made steps to help hunger decrease, however they can only do so much and this is where the government can contribute. If you ask how well the simple answer is financially. The organizations can only pay for so much food but with the help of the government world hunger could decrease drastically. If the government gave money to the big organizations and food banks they would be helping and we would see a drastic change of more people having food in there stomach. There are more than two hundred food banks in the United states, and by supplying more money towards better and healthier food the people who come to the food banks which are the families, kids, and other people will go to sleep with a full stomach knowing they have had plenty of food. 

As a president you have many procedures and complications you have to follow and fix and I know running a country is a handful but if you help take steps because of you we could end hunger as a country.I understand that now you are the new president and you have responsibilities and problems to take care of but above all I think world hunger or at least hunger in the United States is pretty important.World hunger is global however in the United States it is not as common as in Asia. Asia has around five hundred million people that are hungry so what I am trying to say is that if we minimize the hungry people in the United States, countries with more hungry people will have hope because you made a difference Mr or Mrs President you helped lead to end world hunger.

All in all, I hope you understand that world hunger can come to an end by starting with the United States and everybody understanding food poverty is a vital situation we need to fix as a country. With decreasing healthy food prices and supplying more money from the government to helpful organizations that is baby steps to a world full of full stomachs.

Thank you,

Sophia Thornton

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