Ian B. California

The Worldwide Issue of Poverty

This text describes what extreme poverty contributes to people’s daily lives.

Dear president,

Have you ever thought about what the world’s most influential problems are in the modern world?The issue of poverty is one of America’s most devastating problems because it affects the ability for people to maintain healthy lives in addition to the ability for young children to obtain an education. 

One reason that poverty is a terrible issue is because of how it affects the ability for students to acquire an education.Diseases are present very often in men, women, and children who live in serious poverty. This is because they lack many resources needed to keep a healthy lifestyle. Most importantly, these people are unable to procure nutritious foods that are essential to their overall health. Poor sanitation adds to the opportunity for these citizens to catch illnesses. In addition, impoverished people rarely can afford medicine needed to heal themselves and their families. According to BorgenProject.org, about 15% of children die before the age of five in impoverished families. There are many other factors as well that contribute to the health of these individuals.

Another reason poverty is affecting our world is because of how it interferes with the education of children.This might be for reasons like the inability to afford essential materials and not being able to bring their child to school. If these impoverished children are not able to obtain an education, then there is little hope that they can achieve a bright future. There has been clear evidence that literacy rates are negatively affected by higher levels of poverty. In fact, 171 million people who experience poverty could be free from it with a basic education. This makes it hard for them to receive jobs and earn money. In most cases, unfortunately, the unlucky human beings are stuck in these situations.

Nevertheless, it is argued that there are other colossal problems that are more serious than poverty.Some major issues like terrorism and racial inequality are sometimes considered to be in more dire need of recognition.This is because they are both related to the mistreatment of individuals. In fact, the average income is about a third less for African American families compared to white families. This is significant because this percentage has gotten much worse recently. However, these topics as well as many others tie into the issue of poverty. I personally believe that this problem of poverty is one that we should pay exceptionally close attention to.

In this world, there are many problems in this world to solve. But, I think that some are more evident that others. The issue of poverty is one that affects almost all places. It can take away from the ability for people to live long, healthy lives as well as having a great education. In conclusion, abolishing poverty itself is certainly no easy task, but it can be achieved through constant work and effort.

Sincerely, Ian

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