Cheyenne P. California


Decrease in immigration to make America more accessible for U.S. Citizens.

Dear Future President,

I would like to draw your attention to the amount of illegal immigrants entering America, hundreds of thousands Illegal immigrants enter the US every year, affecting the born citizens of the United States. We need to decrease the amount and better judge the illegal aliens entering our country, thus to create a more safe America. Illegal aliens are affecting jobs for US citizens and also feeding off America taxes by using food stamps and other government funded programs.

The large number of immigrants is affecting the amount of natural resources as well as increasing crime, poverty, overpopulation, and threat of terrorism. The government has attempted to put a restriction on immigration but has failed to maintain, they have been too lenient. I believe that everyone should have a chance at a better life but I believe in doing things the right way, if Immigrants want to come into the U.S. they need to become a citizen the right way.

I trust in you as the next President to put the Native-Born U.S. citizens first and make America safe and accessible for us. Decrease immigration in the U.S


Cheyenne Peyton