Anthony N. California

Rights of Immigrants

Why immigration is not a bad thing, and a way to deal with it.

Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

Immigration has been happening in the US for a long time, and recently, it has been called up as a problem in the latest presidential debates. Many people think that immigration is a problem, but really it is not. The perspective and method that we use to handle immigration is wrong, and that is the problem itself. Many immigrants are looked at as a bad thing, because most come from a poor country and have less opportunity than those in the US. They do not fit in exactly when they first enter the country since they did not live here before. Many people look down on them for this, since immigrants are not like the natives, which is racist and wrong since all people have the right to be different in their own way. That attitude only brings about hostility between both groups, which is not a good thing since immigrants want to stay where they are since they believe that they have a better chance here than from where they come from. However, when they see how the people treat them here, they will be ashamed of who they are and what they represent if they are treated badly like that. Stereotyping is wrong in any situation, because all people are different, and simply because a person's skin, religion, and customs are different from the norm, that does not mean that they should be treated badly because of it. This also includes at our borders. The borders should not be unfair in any way, but still be strict. That includes allowing more people to come in legally by doing background checks if possible, finding illegal routes and closing those off, and actually providing a simpler way to allow access into the US in search of residency. The last part includes finding people who are willing to help the immigrants find a home, work, and schooling.

It has also been proven that immigrants have done much good for this country as well. In the city of Garden Grove, there is a sector called Little Saigon which is inhabited by mainly Vietnamese people. Almost everyone that lives here came to the US right after the Vietnam War, or are first or second generation immigrants. Before the Vietnamese people immigrated here, it was mostly a barren lot, with few businesses. Since then, Little Saigon has risen up from almost nothing, because when the immigrants came here, they basically had nothing, and now it is one of the county's busiest centers. Little Saigon has become its own little community of wealth, with its large amounts of businesses such as Asian Garden Mall, multiple restaurants, and other entrepreneurs who have started their own company. The Asian community here works hard to maintain and grow their community, putting great importance on education, respect, and advancement.  However, Asians are not the only ones making advancements in this country. Across this whole nation, there are those whose parents and ancestors immigrated here at some point in time. Without them, there would be no United States, because the U.S. is built on immigration.

So in closing, immigration is not the problem, but the way of viewing immigrants is. Most people think along the lines of how they will act in this country, but it is better to ask who they will be in this country. Most people who immigrate to this country have no past records of criminal activities, so if they are given a chance, things can work out. People who disagree are just haters, and they really ought to stop. Everyone needs an opportunity to make a living, so why stop them?