Bryan D. California

LGBTQIA, Your People.

The people of the gay community need your help. We have our rights, that is true, but we seek your aid in guaranteeing our safety inside and outside of our homes.

Dear Future President,

I’m here to discuss the issue of LGBTQIA equality and rights. Despite the fact that gay marriage is legalized, many members of the gay community are still discriminated for who and what they are. There is a myriad of statistics and facts that support my position, 6 out of 10 people experience verbal homophobic abuse, an astonishing 80% of homophobic bullying occurs at school, 39% of people hide their identity at work, sometimes forced to because of the environment they're in, 42% at social and community events, and 34% at accessing services. These are just to name a few of the countless discriminatory cases. 

The fact that I have to hide who I am as a person is crippling. You can’t force a man of color to hide who he really is, it’s impossible, the same goes for the gay community, we are who we are. I shouldn’t have to hide who I am to get a job, buy coffee, get customer service, donate blood, adopt, and so much more. I want to be able to leave my home, not feeling any shame, knowing that I am seen as a human being and will be treated like one in every aspect possible. Many are afraid to leave their homes in fear of being attacked, and for good reason. At pride events, such as one in Serbia, a parade of pride members were assaulted by assailants for merely being proud of who they are. They did not cause any disturbances yet they are attacked, how can you not be afraid of just strolling down the street. I myself have came out last year, but was welcomed with hatred and fear. Even in my own home I feel targeted, as if I’m a mistake. I beg of you, future president, to take action and finish what we’ve started. I don’t want to be seen as gay, bisexual, transgender, lesbian, queer, intersex, or asexual. I want to be seen as a person, not an abomination.


Bryan D., a member of the gay community