Jeremiah W.


Dear, Next President, Our National Debt is a tremendous deficit in our Country. We need a President and staff that needs to know how to handle money like it is their own instead of typical political spending. We need a President that knows how to win trade deals with other countries instead of getting burned. A President that has been a contributor to our communities instead of getting money from our taxes. Right now our country is about 19.5 trillion dollars in debt. You need to cut excess spending, cut spending on NASA, and build our infrastructure with more attention to our budget and completion time. You, as a leader and role model of the Country, needs to show the younger generation that there are ways to cut spending without cheaping out. A big problem with our debt is that we are experimenting and fiddling around with things like a soccer field for prisoners in guantanamo bay that costed around 750,000 dollars. As President you should be regulating what the Government is spending money on. Our president has now almost doubled the debt since entering office in 2008. This is an example of a leader that should not be in charge of our spending and business sector of our Nation. As a citizen of the United States and future part of our economy, I want a President that can win trade and save money to help build a stronger Nation.