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Abortion should remain legal because it's part of a women's constitutional right to have control to have control over her own body.

Dear Future President,

As a young woman in this great nation I hold a concern for the future of this country. My concern is mainly about abortion being illegalized and women not being able to have control over their bodies. Whether a woman's personal reasons are because of health issues or sexual assault, they should always have the right to choose for themselves on what they believe is right or wrong. Abortion should be permitted because it's part of a woman's constitutional right to have control over her own body and therefore, abortion should remain legalized.

If abortion is illegalized, a woman who has been sexually assaulted and has become pregnant do to the encounter, will not have the right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. I find this very unfair because the women has endured this traumatizing assault and now has to deal with the memory of her assault every time she views her abdomen. The women also will have to go through an emotional pregnancy and painful birth at a vulnerable place in her life. According to Medical University of South Carolina 32,101 pregnancies are the results from rape each year and only 11.7% of these women receive immediate medical attention. The amount of pregnancy caused by rape is one more reason to keep abortion.

Another reason to retain abortion is for women that have high risk pregnancies such as an ectopic pregnancy, which puts a woman's life at risk. An ectopic pregnancy is when a fertilized egg remains in the fallopian tube instead of traveling down to the uterus. Ectopic pregnancies are high risk for the mother and child, in some cases a child can survive but it's very rare. These ectopic pregnancies are quite common:1 in every 50, claimed by WebMD. Women are faced with a decision that of course isn't easy. A close family friend was in this situation and decided that it was in her family's best interest to terminate the pregnancy simply because if she had continued with the pregnancy, she could have died and left her two children motherless and her loving husband a widower. I can’t imagine what her family would have gone through emotionally but luckily, with abortion being legal this friend is able to be here today with her family.

People that are pro life tend to refer to women as a murderers. What those people don't know is women are affected drastically in their lives and they have higher risks of experiencing domestic violence or falling under the poverty line. A study conducted by the group Advancing New Standards in Public Health has followed 1,000 women in which some were denied the abortion: they concluded that the women that were denied, experienced anxiety and about a year later sought out government assistance. It’s obvious these women could not support their child and themselves which is quite sad that this child is less privileged. In the same study, “7 percent reported an incident of domestic violence in the last six months,” compared to 3 percent of the women who received abortions.” and this is because the woman usually tends to stay in the abusive relationship for the child's sake. In my opinion I could see why they would want to stay because of keeping the family together but it is not healthy for the mother or child. A woman thats not prepared for parenthood needs to have abortion as an option in order to prevent domestic violence and financial struggles

If abortion is not offered, women will being to find other dangerous alternatives rather than going to a professional doctor. There no way of controlling women because they have freedom to make that choice for themselves. I thank you for your time and hopefully you take my letter into consideration.


K. P.

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