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Illegal Immigration Problems

It's about illegal people and why its a problem

Immigration Colby B Raleigh NC

Dear Future President,

I want to write about immigration because it is a really big deal and a lot of people are either not taking it seriously or they just don’t seem to care. Also most people just take immigration the wrong way.

This topic definitely matters. The real problem isn’t just immigration, it's illegal immigration. There are an estimated 13 million undocumented people in America. As the son of a business owner, I witness that citizens have to pay workers tax. Illegal people do not. This could be a problem because they get paid more and they’re not even supposed to be here. It could also get a place out of business because when you don’t pay some taxes, the business loses more money, and the owners need to get paid too. They really work for free, but we pay them -in other words, they get a job and don’t do anything in return. We pay it for them most of the time. They also don’t have to pay any tax as a matter a fact. If an illegal immigrant commits a crime, they can’t put him/her in jail because they’re not legal citizens; they don’t know what to do with them. I want to tell you this because it is a major problem and it’s affecting everyone. All illegal people need to be deported immediately; they’re just bigger problems in America. I do not mean that as all of them are bad or dangerous. If they’re here illegally, they are breaking the law and some people don’t even care. If any Americans go to Mexico or any country illegally, they would put you in jail and you probably never get out. But in America, we just let them live here basically for free.

There is also a thing called an anchor baby which is when an illegal comes to a country and has a kid. This is a problem because they will say “you can't deport me, I have an American kid.” Another problem is that an anchor baby is an American so if it’s parents get deported, they won’t and they’ll be all alone. I think anchor babies or all family members in the same house of illegals should be deported. An anchor baby didn’t do anything wrong, but its parents did. If a parent gets deported the kid can’t because it’s technically an American.

I think the government can do a number of things to fix this problem. They could build a wall that is 30 ft under and over. Also the government needs to make it electrical. We also need to increase border control on both sides.


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