Cole G. North Carolina

Racism/Sexism letter to the President

I basically wrote a letter on my thoughts on these two serious issues Racism and Sexism and I put in what I think the President should do about it

Dear future president:

What is your opinion on racism and sexism for how you are going to try and stop both of these problems in your future presidential term? I would like to think that you are going to try and do something about this. We should always be trying to go ahead and stop these two acts but we really haven't been trying to stop this kind of stuff so I hope that you are going to try and focus on this more than any of our past presidents have done.

I would like to think that you aren’t just going to focus on these two different things happening in our country but you are going to try and do something about these two acts of “crime”. Racism has gotten so out of hand that we are starting to separate both black and white people into different neighborhoods or sometimes even cities, I feel like this kind of stuff is going to severely change our entire way of living. Sexism is so bad that it can considered worse than racism and it probably is because of how many stereotypes are being made of women and how much of this can occur to things like rape and even murder.

I have noticed that in the past decades our presidents have not really put any efforts into racism or sexism but if anything they have put most of their thoughts into racism and just left sexism almost completely out of the question. This of course something that has been almost helping the serious amount of sexism in our world take over I mean it has gotten much better in the past years to the fact that women can vote and now their opinion actually means something now but this isn’t good enough. The fact that we have given women more rights than the past has almost made this kind of stuff worst because of how women's opinions have almost made them get attacked.

I almost feel like racism has gotten worse in the last decade in more than how whites are racist against blacks that parts gotten better while blacks being racist towards whites has definitely gotten worse. I think the reason for this is because our couple of presidents in the last couple of decades have not pade very much attention if any attention to stopping blacks from being racist to whites while they are only focussing on whites being racist towards black people. I really hope that I can live in an as racist and sexist free world that we can get and I hope that you are the person to accomplish this.

Sincerely: Cole Gleason, Asheville NC