Phat T.


  Hello Mr.Trump

Congratulations on you winning the presidential elections. After seeing the result of the election, i’ve been gathering information and looking up online on what some of your plans are. Some of your plans seem to be very well thought-out and are very reasonable. Some of the others don’t seem to fit that category in the least, to my point of views at least. In this letter, I’d like to point out the flaws in one of your plans before you decide to enforce them. If you don’t want to read about a thirteen years old’s opinions then you’re welcome to stop now Mr.Trump.

The thing that I would like to talk about is your plans toward the illegal immigrants. I remember you saying somewhere that you don’t hate immigrants, you just hate the ones that are illegal. It’s true that drugs and other things are breaching our border because of people that are trying to immigrate, but they’re still people, you can’t really just move them back to their country can you? You don’t know any of their backstory, the reasons they wanted to immigrate, all those people immigrate to this country knowing that it’s safe to settle down, and if they have kid(s), they’ll hope for their kid(s) to have a bright future ahead of them. And yes, I’m speaking like one of the immigrant because I was one (I’m not illegal I swear).

Either way I’ll get into details now. I completely understand that you want the best for our people since there is that group of immigrants smuggling illegal items into our country, when talking about this subject, the obvious things that people usually refer to is drugs. That is obviously a good enough reason to send the illegal immigrants back to where they came from. Then again, our own people are doing the same thing, and since there isn’t anywhere else for us American people to go, the obvious place is prison. Why don’t you send the immigrant that’s smuggling to prison instead of taking the trouble and sending them back to their country? Surely it’s easier and not as time consuming.

Beside from the fact that the illegal immigrants can be smugglers and will become a bigger problem that will affect our whole country if not stop beforehand. Is there anything else that really matter? Most immigrants’ first priority is to meet up with their relatives since there really isn’t a point of immigrating if they don’t have a place to go. After that, they’ll want to settle down and start working. Most of the illegal immigrants really don’t want to cause trouble. They just wanna settle down and have a good life. Are a bunch of smugglers worth wasting the government’s time over? The prisons are alway open.

Of course laws are made to be followed, I know that, but maybe because I’m still a kid, but the illegal immigrants really haven’t done anything wrong beside illegally immigrate to the US right? All and all, I really just want you to take what I said into consideration Mr.Trump, since I can’t really do anything about the laws. The decision is still on you President-Elect Trump, if you change your mind and follow with my suggestion, you probably already know what you should do but I’m just gonna say them anyway. I recommend sending the immigrants to a place where they could settle down for a while. And of course, search them thoroughly in case they are smuggler, then give them a job to help the country and all that.

Again, this is all your decision Mr.President, you obviously don’t have to listen to a thirteen years old like myself that don’t really know much about this country yet. Still, you’re the only one that can stop the plan against illegal immigrants since it’s your plan after all. Please take all this into consideration and again, Congratulation on winning the presidential election.