Brady E. Illinois

Can Mass Deportation Build Our Nation?

Will building the wall and mass deporting immigrants benefit or destroy the country? Will it save us money or put the country in even more debt?

Author: Brady Erdman

To: President Donald J. Trump

I am strongly in belief that deporting criminal or bad immigrants will help our country. You even said yourself that “We have some bad hombres, and we’re going to get them out”. That, although how racist that may be, is one thing I think you have said spot on.

Edwin S. Rubenstein, President of Edwin S. Rubenstein Research Economic Consultants, says that the cost of mass deportation would be around $206 billion, or 41.2 billion per year. While that may seem like an astonishingly huge number, immigrants cause over $51 billion dollars of debt per year, meaning that mass deportation would be worth it.

While that may be totally true, the cost and time do not correlate. It may pay off in speculation for mass deportation in around four years, but tell me this Trump; does rounding up around 11 million immigrants which would cause a 1700 mile long line full of buses just to move the deported seem plausible? That is not even taking into account finding these illegal immigrants, locating them, catching them, and rounding them up while having them detained or stay on a certain bus.

Next, you have said that we need to get criminal immigrants out of the U.S. Well, in 2013, 240,000 deported immigrants didn’t have a previous criminal record. 218,000 on top of that in 2012. For a total of 458,000 in just two years. In those same two years, only 200,000 have been deported WITH a criminal record, showing that mass deportation is completely unorganized and unfiltered.

Succeeding, you declared “A nation without borders is not a nation. There must be a wall across the southern border.. And Mexico must pay for the wall.” Under speculation to this, Gary Johnson states that “He understands that a bigger fence will only produce taller ladders and deeper tunnels, and that the flow of illegal immigrants across the border is not a consequence of too little security, but rather a legal immigration system that simply doesn’t work”.

Building a will is not going to help keep others out, it will just delay them from coming in until a solution presents itself, as it always does. The solution here is not to build the wall. I rebuke in case you have forgotten. The cost combined with time would be insurmountable, and the act to carry out already illegal citizens would actually be impossible.

When somebody challenges you, fight back. Be brutal, be tough. The famous words that came out of your mouth. I will fight back. People will stand up. Your presidency has challenged millions, and millions are willing to accept the challenge. We will not be soft, and will make our points heard, just as I have made mine.

“Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists” exclaimed Franklin Roosevelt.

Metea Valley High School

English 2, Period 7

Mr. Page's very-totally-awesome 7th period English 2 class at Metea Valley High School in Aurora, IL.

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