Jessica California

Ending Terrorism

How will you end Terrorism?

Dear Future President,

        ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and the Taliban are the are the top three most dangerous terrorist groups in the world. I would like to discuss the topic of terrorism and how you would like to handle it. ISIS has about 80,000 people involved in the organization and is growing more each day. Al-Qaeda is known for doing 9/11 and have killed thousands of people for achieving their goal. Obviously ending terrorism is definitely a challenge, but if we end it, we could have more world peace.

        Terrorism kills millions of innocent people each year, so it basically affects the entire world. On September 11, 2001 America was under attack. The worst possible thing happened to us. Two hijacked planes crashed into the twin towers, one hijacked plane into the pentagon, and another hijacked plane onto a field in Pennsylvania. Not only did it affect the East Coast, it affected our entire country. On November 13, 2015 ISIS invaded France and took out at least 130 citizens. This personally opened up my mind and made me realize that our country could be next. This affected the American people, especially Obama. He stated that he is gonna try to defeat ISIS with France. On March 22, 2016 ISIS set bombs into Belgium. This tragedy took out 35 people including the three perpetrators. Security was heightened after the attack.

      Ending terrorism is a challenge but here is my idea. We have to stop supporting Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia supports ISIS and has backed up the 9/11 hijackers. We have been supporting Saudi Arabia militarily for the past 70 years. Experts say that since we support middle eastern countries like saudi Arabia, that motivates Arab terrorists. If we stop supporting Saudi Arabia, we will have less chance of terror.

        Ending terrorism is hard, but we will have more world peace if we end it. This is important because many citizens have lost their friends and families because of a mindless act of damage. So I want you to end terrorism. For us.

Sincerely, jessica  

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