Jake B. California

America, lower the drinking age!

America, why do you try so hard to be different?! How come the US is basically the only place where you have to be 21 to have any form of alcohol?

Dear Donald Trump,

America, you can fight in a different country, get married, have kids, and even own a gun but you can't have a beer at the family reunion? So there are those people out there who say "People who drink before the age of 21 will be irresponsible." Yet did it ever cross their minds that driving a motored vehicle or owning a gun requires a bit more responsiblity? America should lower the drinking age to 18.

This problem effects young adults who will more likely be reckless with alcohol when they are older. Studies have been done in places like England and other European countries that young adults suddenly allowed alcohol when they reach the age are much more reckless and irresponsible than the ones who have been introduced to alcohol at a younger age. Lowering the drinking age will also result in less accidents and dangerous acts that can come from irresponsible drinking. If we lowered the age and introduced alcohol at a younger age then people will be more responsible, and so the outcome would be less dangerous activity deriving from alcohol misuse.

The ultimate solution to this problem would be to lower the drinking age to 18. This would bring us back to the same level with most of the world, and should result in less irresponsible drinking with young adults. It would result in less accidents related to alcohol, resulting in less death caused by alcohol misuse.

You can do so many things before the age of 21 which require a lot more responsibility  than having a beer at the barbeque. America should lower the drinking age to 18, it would create more responsible drinkers. America needs to lower the drinking age to 18.

Peterson Middle School

8th Grade ELA

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