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Women deserve the right to choose what happens within their bodies.

Dear Future President,

Throughout recent times, abortion has become a topic of extreme controversy. Many people consider abortions to be immoral and would even go as far as considering it murder. To many, including you, abortions are seen as something that should be outlawed in order to support “pro-life” ideals. However in the past, when abortions were either illegal or extremely looked down upon, many women turned to options such as abortions from non-professionals or even trying to do it themselves which would often result in the mother dying. You agree that women of unfortunate circumstances such as rape, incest, or if the mother’s life is at risk have the right to choose. However I, along with many, believe that all women should have the right to choose what happens to their bodies. 

For many women, the thought of abortion does not come easy and usually comes from a place of concern for their unborn child. A women might choose to abort a fetus if she can not support the raising of a child, leads an unstable lifestyle, is too young, or does not want a child to be raised in a broken home. If a women doesn’t believe she could provide a good life for her baby, it should be her decision to have it. Being pro-choice does not mean you are pro-abortion, it means you believe that what is best for you should be determined by you and not the government, and especially not a man. Say for example, a teenage girl gets pregnant and is kicked out of her home, she is left with no money and survives from staying at a different house each night. To some, the idea of abortion is still immoral, however would it be worse to terminate while still an embryo or have a child who will face incredible challenges of unstable housing, income, or the possibility of going into the system for adoption or foster care? In recent times, women have been treated as objects, it is time to put the control of women’s bodies back in their own hands.

Thank you,

Teya Gomez

Santa Clara High School

11th graders in AP English Language SCHS

11th grade students in AP English Language at SCHS

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