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Abortion in the US

Is abortion a problem in the US? If so, what are the causes? How can it be stopped? Should it even be stopped?

Dear future president,

   I think that abortion has become a major problem in the United States. About twenty one percent of all pregnancies end in abortion. I know that doesn't seem like a whole lot, and maybe you're sick of hearing 'small' problems that you should fix. But that's not at all what this is! Abortion isn't just a small problem that you should fix, it is a major problem that, in my opinion, can't be fixed. And that's not what I am asking; I am asking that you realize just where we are at as a country.

   In 2005, abortion rates were higher in the United States than in Canada, Western Europe, China, Eastern Europe, and many more. Since then, abortion rates have dropped about four percent. Yeah, that is quite a good decline, but it definitely could be a lot better. I am not asking you to put a total stop to all abortion, I am simply asking for you to help all US citizens, and even aliens, to come to the realization of just how much of a problem abortion has become. Abortion isn't a simple problem nor a simple fix. John Maxwell once said, "A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way." A good leader knows the way, so I would hope that you already know that abortion is a major problem. A good leader also goes the way, just as I would hope that you know about abortion and that it is a problem, I would hope that you would treat is as, not a fix, but a problem. Also, a good leader shows the way, as a president, your job is to lead our country and show us the way; I am asking you to do your job and show us the way, the way to success. Which does not involve killing babies before they even get a chance to experience the life that was fought for by our veterans and our soldiers. 

   In conclusion, I want to thank you for your time you put in to read this letter; and I also want to ask for your consideration. For you to consider helping the United States succeed in every which way, which can become possible by coming to the realization of the real problem at hand, and also helping us, as citizens of the US, to come to that realization. 


                                                                                                    Hannah Sharp

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