Hunter Oregon

College Tuition Is Too Expensive

America is losing important professions.

Dear Next President,

The cost of college is too expensive for incoming students. Since college tuition continues to rise, fewer high school graduates actually attend college. Without students attending college, there will be a significant decrease in doctors, teachers, and nurses in America. The United States needs a massive amount of doctors and teachers, but with the rapid increase of tuition prices, there will not be very many.

America is going to have a loss in important professionals because future professionals won’t be able to afford college. I want to attend college and join the medical field eventually, but by the looks of prices I might not be able to do what I want to. After looking at HigherEducation, I see how expensive college can get, and I am not the only one who will possibly suffer from this problem; tons of people will not attend college once they see the cost.

According to, college is no longer for the middle class, because the cost is only affordable for the upper class. I understand college needs to cost and professors need to be paid, but the cost is unnecessarily high and could drop a significant amount without damage to anyone. College prices have been growing since 1980 to present; they continue to rise and most likely won’t slow down unless someone does something about it. Since the prices won’t slow, we are seeing fewer important jobs being filled.

If college prices in America won’t drop, America will. Only the president can settle these problems and if you do not, then America will not survive for very long. We need lower college tuition prices to succeed further in life. Just think of a world with a scarce amount of doctors, nurses, and teachers. America needs a large amount of people in these professions and if college stays as expensive as it is, we may not have a big number of doctors, professors, nurses, etc. It is the president’s duty to make America as great as possible, so it would only make sense to lower the price of college.

Sincerely, Hunter K