Sophia L.

Trashing Marine Life

Facts and opinions on marine pollution and one of the biggest cause for it.

Dear Mr. President,

My knowledge is limited when it comes to politics, but I can sense that not many are happy with the results of the election this year. Although I’m still young I do have a small idea that might be a big help on coastal pollution. One of an issues I’m very concerned about is marine pollution. More people has to be aware of this and how it can be a threat to animals and humans. If people aren’t aware of this problem, the problem could grow into a larger issue than it already is.

One of the biggest cause for marine pollution is marine debris. When human litter near marine life such as oceans, lakes, and rivers it’s considered as marine debris. It can be found in almost in every marine ecosystem, for example, when trash is washed up on lake’s shores. According to UN News Centre, “marine debris has increased from 663 to 817 since 2012.”

The cause are bad but the effects are the worst part. The effects are the deaths of many animals, especially marine species. There are more than 800 species affected by this problem. Animals could digest or be trapped in the debris. Marine debris isn’t healthy for animals or anyone to consume. The toxics from the debris could lead to the many deaths and severe infections of animals because they consume the waste or get trapped in the plastic debris, but this issue doesn't only affects animals but also humans. When someone come in contact with pathogen-contaminated debris they have a chance of obtaining a disease or virus.

One of my suggestions I have for this ongoing problem is to have more people be informed of this matter and be aware of the harm it can create to our future. It’s a small step that can lead to a bigger solution. Thank for your time Mr. President and I sincerely hope that you consider my idea on this issue.