Elijah R. Iowa

Pornography protest

Teens need a clean, pure young adulthood.

Dear future president,

My name is Elijah Ruckman, I go to Oskaloosa Christian School, and I have some concerns about pornography.

I think pornography is unacceptable. Porn should be considered a problem because it is addicting. Neurology tests show that porn has the same results on a brain that cocaine and heroine have. Nearly 96% percent of teen boys in ninth to twelfth grade watch porn on a monthly basis. Porn sometimes makes teen boys think of women as objects, not people.

This issue matters to me because whenever women take a walk, they worry about what they wear and where they walk. That is unacceptable. People that are trying to do research for school, search a website to help them. People usually click the first website they see, but sometimes, the first website takes them straight to a porn website. This leads to them opening that same website and showing their friends. Both the sender and the receiver are committing crimes.

You, being the president, should care about it because porn is ruining America’s future. A corrupt future leads to a corrupt country. Our forefathers came here for religious freedom, a better country. We need to respect that. You can make America better!

You, the president, can write a bill to ban all porn industries from selling porn produce and shut them down. It is unnecessary that people show their naked bodies for money. Without the porn industry, people could have a safe childhood without unneeded, inappropriate pictures popping up all over the place. I think that without porn, America can be an un-corrupt nation. People look up to you, so show them that you can lead America on the right path.

From a Christian perspective, I detest porn. Psalm 119 : 37 says, “turn my eyes from looking at worthless things; and give me life in your ways”. Porn is worthless. Porn is a distraction from God’s path to righteousness. Other verses say to flee from sexual immoralities.

So, please consider my concerns and make America better. Porn should never have existed. Make it so the next generation doesn’t experience this epidemic of porn. Help others feel safe.

Best wishes,

Elijah Ruckman