Benjamin D. Iowa

Over Emphasizing Animal Cruelty

My letter is about people over emphasizing animal cruelty.

Dear Future U.S. President:

My name is Benjamin, and I am from Iowa.

I am here to tell you about people strongly emphasizing animal cruelty. I think people should stop whining about animal crualty. If you ate lunch or supper, you probably ate an animal from a factory farm, or one that was slaughtered in a slaughterhouse. It is an issue because most people eat meat. So if you want to stop animal cruelty, you might as well become a vegetarian. In 2013, the United States produced one hundred and twelve million hogs. If we stop factory farms from producing, imagine what would happen. Think about how many non confinement hogs there are! There would barely be any pork!

This issue matters to me because I have animals. In Iowa, we live around hog and cattle farmers. If you were driving out in the Iowa countryside, think about how many hogs you see outside in a pasture. It is very rare to see hogs not inside a hog confinement. If there are laws set in place for animal cruelty, it would make life harder for struggling farmers to make a living. I love my animals, but if there are laws set in place, I do believe there should be a bottom line to how far animal cruelty laws should go.

The future President should care about this issue because if there are laws set in place for animal cruelty, our economy could go down. If there is a devastating limit on factory farms, it could result in loss of jobs. It might even cause our economy to decrease! It could also cause an inflation of grocery prices. I do believe a few laws would be good for safe production, but not to the extent to end animal cruelty, or the use of drugs on animals.

The future president could do something by listening more to the producers than to the E.P.A. The future President could spend time talking to the producers. The future President could work out a compromise fair to farmers. Also before the passing of any new E.P.A. or U.S.D.A. laws, the president could talk to the farmers and producers. It is very important to the U.S. to keep farming strong, because that helps many Americans eat! Also without modern day farming, what do you think would happen to this country?

This also ties in with the Bible. God said man has authority over all of the animals. He wants us to have authority over animals. So I don’t think God would want us to make a big deal over animal abuse because he has given us authority over them. Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth, and over all the creatures that move on the ground.” Genesis 1:26. All in all, I don’t think God would want us making a big deal over animal abuse. I think we are to care about animals, but not cry over animal abuse and make silly decisions.

In all, I think we should stop crying over animal abuse and move on. We could be passing other more important laws, than crying over animal abuse. I think that we should be helping farmers rather than criticizing them. Farmers are our food source, and that's how most of us eat! Then our country could become a better place.