mariah Montana

Human Trafficking and how it needs to stop

Human trafficking has become a major problem that needs to be resolved.This is how we can prevent this problem from continuing to hurt our girls and our world.

Dear Future President,

Human trafficking has become a problem for our young ladies across the world. Human trafficking has become such a problem that a young girl can not even walk to school knowing if she is safe. If we try to stop Human trafficking we can also stop the girls fear.

Symptoms of Human trafficking has gotten to be not only men acting upon but boys as well.the reason is most likely based upon what they watch or see in magazines and tv shows.This I would call porn.

People who want money or to have (fun) do this organization but do not understand how it affects the other people involved such as the victims themselves. If people stop wanting to act upon what they watch such as porn, it will decrease these actions. Why you may ask should we stop producing the porn industry it has many effects. One being when a young male or anyone for this matter decides to watch porn or even think upon it, they start to want to ACT upon it such as to girls,women and now other men.

If we can decrease the porn around the world maybe people will stop wanting to act upon what they watch and not lusting after innocent girls. Girls also do need to be not so outgoing to act upon what they see in magazines also. The predeators can be stopped and by stopping them, you have already decreased some trafficking from happening as a whole. You can't just cut down a tree without digging up the roots right?Porn magazines, anything that portrays an inappropriate manner is a root that can be dug up.

The girls who have been saved from this cruel organization has come back with many scarred memories . Not only are they getting sold like toys and cars but they are being starved and beaten to where they can not even work for their own life.

People can start to recognize this problem and start to pay attention. What can you do as a president you may ask. I suggest that you can start bringing realization to this problem and the industries who encourage it.

In conclusion, Human trafficking should be stopped and dealt with. This has become a problem for our world and we can not ignore it anymore. We need to take action as soon as possible and a big one to that matter.

Mariah, J

Billings Public Library

English 1

Skyview High School

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