Kennedy Iowa

School Schedules

Schools need a change.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Schools need a change. Students have nothing to look forward to when they wake up in the morning. Making school more enjoyable and a little less strict could make a huge difference in school attendance and how hard student's try on their school work.

The first thing I think should be changed is the time school starts. It has been proven that students are not fully awake at normal school start times. Pushing school back an hour could make all the difference giving students more sleep, and better attitudes to start the day with.

Shorter classes could also be effective in making school a more enjoyable environment. I know some schools don’t go a full 90 minutes, but my classmates and I struggle to. Keeping classes short, to the point, and stress free can keep students on top of their classes and trying their best.

Teachers need more time to prepare for the day and their classes. If they have to teach four classes that are each 90 minutes long, that surely in not enough time to get every classes organized especially when they have meetings, and students come in to get extra help on homework. Giving teachers a fair amount of time could help classes run smoother, once again, making the school’s education stronger.

Many other factors could be changed to make school schedules more beneficial learning wise and more enjoyable for teachers and students everywhere, but these are a few big changes I think could make a difference. Thank you for your time, I look forward to watching for your thoughts and decisions regarding these ideas.