Anna D.B Iowa

Transgender Movement

The social impact of the transgender movement.

Dear Future President:

My name is Anna D.B. I live in southeast Iowa. I love playing outside with my cousins, and riding four-wheelers in our woods.

I want to discuss the social impact of the transgender movement. This is an issue because it undermines the members of a family unit. It also defies God’s original design for male and female. Depression and suicide are more common among transgender people. Psychologists have found that the best environment for kids is to be raised in a home with one mom and one dad.

I care about this issue because I care about people and their lives. I don’t like to see kids depressed or discouraged. I believe people can be their best when they are the person God has made them to be. I believe families are the most  thing in America. We need to help them.

I believe you should care about this issue because it is very important, and should not be forgotten. If the people let it be, and don’t fight against it, it will overpower itself, and it will become common practice to become transgender. People probably won’t believe this, but that’s what happened to abortion. Abortion was once “unheard of,” but people thought it would eventually die down (or go away). Today everyone knows that it is very common to have abortion in the United States.

As president, some things you could do is to support laws that benefit families. This would be an encouragement to families of one mom and one dad. Another thing you can do is to supply transgender private bathrooms in schools, so that transgender kids aren’t made fun of. You could pass a law to protect children from being adopted by transgender adults. All of these things could help establish better families in America.

By being a Christian I believe that people should keep and accept their God given birth. God made each one of us in a special way. As Deuteronomy 22:5 says, “A women must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the Lord our God detests anyone who does this.” Even in the Bible, God talks about this issue. He knows what happened in the past and what will happen. By being a Christian, I do not support the transgender movement because God says it is wrong. Even if I wasn’t a Christian, I would still be against transgender happenings.

Transgender people deserve love and encouragement to be known and to be heard. But I believe that their true identity would be found when they begin to know the God who made them. It is the families that will make America strong again.


Anna D.B