Tyler L. Iowa

What about gun control

Don't take our guns away

Dear Future President:

Hi my name is Tyler James Lashley I like to shoot and go, fishing, and boating. I am 13 years old and I have three sisters and no brothers.

I just want to talk about gun control. I thank it is an issue because people are taking our guns away. It is not the guns that are killing the people it's the people that are killing the people. If the government can take our guns away then they should be able to take everything else away. We as in our community use our guns to protect our livestock, our land, and ourselves.

Taking our guns away matters to me because I love to shoot guns. Shooting guns relieves my stress. We in my city Oskaloosa hunt for our food. Killing food like deer may be a family tradition a family does every year as their food source and to save money. That's why I care about you taking our guns away.

I think you should care about it because you are supposed to let us eat. If we have no guns to hunt with how are we supposed to eat. You should have people tell you all there information before they get a gun. So that people don't just get a gun and kill innocent people. That's why I think you should care about gun control.

I think it affects our christianity life because it is changing how we should live with God. Here is a bible passage from the bible about gun control. “Wisdom is better than weapons of war, but one sinner destroys much good.” That's why I think it affects my christianity.

You should go do something about this there is innocent people being killed. They are being killed because you are doing nothing about it.


Tyler James Lashley