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Terrorism is a rising problem in many countries, and now it's happening to us.


I’d like to let you remember one of the issues that affect us on a global scale. Terrorism. Terrorism seems to be a large issue that many of us face. In Italy, they had the Red Brigades. West Germany had the Red Army Faction. And of course, we ourselves, are facing ISIS currently. If you’re Hillary, then you need something to deal with terrorists inside the states. Trump, you need to not cause World War 3 by using nuclear weapons on Syria. 

First of all, I’d like to propose a way to get rid of terrorists and such easily. It’s simple, all we need are, informants and undercover FBI agents, according to James Q Wilson, a former professor of public policy. ( )

Or, the simple version of that, is that we just need to get information. Remember 9/11? Osama Bin Laden made a tape explaining why he ordered the attacks and such in 2004.( Now, we have ISIS, a completely new group. We need to know more about them and why they’re attacking. With that, we and the government can learn how they think, and predict attacks and such.

Now, you may be thinking. “How are we going to get that information?” Why, it’s easy of course. I just told you. Informants and undercover FBI agents. Somebody could simply join them and report things to us through text message or something. Although, that would be rather dangerous. We’re going against terrorists, however. We need to make some sacrifices. Or, we could simply take information through force in raids. 4 Terabytes of info was found in a raid once, and it was a huge discovery. ( This is also dangerous. Then again, terrorists. They’re currently one of the largest problems we have. Now, the election is over. Trump, I remind you, do not take extreme measures for ISIS. You could get rid of them in more ways even better.


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