Bryce P. Wisconsin

Illegal Immigration, Bad or Good?

Illegal immigration should be prevented, but legal immigration is ok.

Dear Future President,

There is an increasing problem of illegal immigrants coming to the United States. These unauthorized aliens cause the U.S. lots of trouble by costing America billions, committing crimes against U.S. citizens, and overpopulating the United States.

The first reason I would like to bring up is about how much money illegal immigrants cost the states. According to “” illegal immigrants costed the U.S. a total of 113 billion dollars in 2014, and the price keeps growing each year. One way these aliens cost the U.S. is by not paying their share in taxes. When they come over to the U.S. illegally they don't have to pay taxes because their is no documents on them. Also if a woman has a child in the U.S. the child then can get federal aid which includes getting welfare, so a lot of taxpayers money is going to people who don't support the country according to “”.

A second reason that illegal immigrants should not be allowed into the United States is that they overpopulate the U.S. One bad thing about overpopulation is that these immigrants take away real U.S. citizen’s jobs. Out of the 11 million unauthorized immigrants in the U.S. at least 8 million of them were in the workforce and a lot of those 8 million jobs could've been for other U.S. citizens according to “Pew Research Center”. Also according to “” illegal immigrants take up 3.5% of the U.S. population that might not seem like a lot but this number will continue to grow if we do not make stricter rules.

A final reason to prove that unauthorized immigrants should not be allowed into the U.S. is because they increased the crime rate. I do know that not all Illegal immigrants are bad and try to hurt us, but for our own safety we should not allow illegal immigrants. According to “The Department of Homeland Safety” 22% of inmates are foreign, and 52% of immigrants are from Mexico according to the “Pew Research Center”

All in all, illegal immigrants should have to wait in line just like our ancestors did. Three reasons for this is that they cost America billions, they overpopulate, and they raise the crime rate in the United States. I all for legal immigration but I think that people should not be able to come over into our country and hurt us.


Bryce P.