RayChristian F. Illinois

President Donald J. Trump

Abortion is Bad

Dear Donald J. Trump,

Hi! Its me! RayChristian! A typical 8th grader boy in a public school. Good job on becoming the next president! It would bring such happiness to me and people in pro-life, if you made abortion illegal. Abortion is a process where a baby in the mothers womb, is either pulled out to be brutally killed. Abortion is very wrong and should be changed to be illegal because, technically you are killing a human being. If you think that this is wrong, then change it! If not, you may be thinking, what about an unpredicted pregnancy? Well, people have stated that the baby isn’t considered a human being until it's about 8 months. This statement a whole is wrong because, lets say a baby is going to be aborted at the age of 7 months in the womb? Would it still be considered, “non-human?” I think any baby is considered a human even when it is as little as a cell. Although, I believe that people should have a right for something or somebody, it is definitely not abortion. Also, what if a woman was raped, or they can't afford it? All that I can say is, ADOPTION! For any situation, there is always a way. From getting help from a family member, or putting the baby up for adoption, anything is better than killing the baby.

Thank you,

RayChristian Ferrer