Cooper Minnesota

Save the Bees

Bees are dying at an alarming rate and we can help to save the bees.

Dear Future President,

I need to talk to you today about an issue that may not seem like a big deal, but it affects us more than you might think. Today, I will be talking about the alarming death rates of our bees. ⅓ of all of our food is somehow affected by bees. If our bee population continues to decline then foods like fruits and vegetables will all become scarce and cost more. Nobody wants

our food supply to be affected, it will only hurt everyone and benefit no one. That being said, we need to start taking action and try to save the bees.

Bees are dying off faster than ever. Since 2006 our bee death rates have tripled ( This is very scary because bees have a huge impact on us. Some bees are doing better than others but all are being affected, for example the Rusty Patched Bumble Bee has lost about 90% of its natural habitat in North America ( There are now officially seven species of bees on the endangered species list ( We need to help bees and stop their population from dying. If we all help, it will have a huge impact on the bees population.

Much of our food supply comes from bees. They also are responsible for 30 billion dollars worth of produce every year ( Many of the food we enjoy, such as coffee, apples, milk, and of course honey, will become expensive and scarce without bees such as coffee, apples, milk, and of course honey ( Every year up to 30% of bees population dies costing an estimated 2 billion dollars ( Bees are more important than you might think, and should be a main priority because once they’re gone they can’t come back and neither will those foods.

The main reason for the bees declining population is due to pesticides and diseases that can be prevented. These pesticides can be very harmful to the bees’ health and well being. So, we need to stop using pesticides that harm our precious bee population. Another reason bees are dying is because they are being forced out of their natural habitat due to global warming. Bees are not like other species and do not migrate, however due to global warming they are forced out of their homes ( Another very scary reason for bees dying at the rate they are is an infestation caused by flies laying their eggs inside of the live bees until they eventually die and the fly larvae emerges ( These are all problems we can work to ending.

President, I’m asking you what are you going to do about this problem that we are facing? How are you going to move to a greener planet to help sustain our natural resources? And what are you going to do to help our planet? How will you save the bees?