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LGBTQ Adoption

I believe that we should all have equal rights.

Dear Future President,

We have had many debatable topics in this election, however, there is a major issue with the LGBTQ community. Many people of the LGBTQ community are not treated as fairly as everyone else. One topic that the LGBTQ community does not have equal representation in is adoption. LGBTQ adoption is important because everyone should have the same rights, no matter what differences. Also LGBTQ is one of the main topics in our society which the adoption part is just one problem. The main problems in our society should be talked about and changed when the new president is elected.

All the states in our country permit single LGBT individuals to petition to adopt and permits a same-sex couple to jointly petition to adopt. According to studies, “On April 6, 1999 the American Civil Liberties Union made an Overview of Lesbian and Gay Parenting.” The results showed that both LGBTQ parents can successfully support their children as much as heterosexual parents can. This shows that LGBTQ parents can have their children as healthy and happy as any other child; Heterosexual parents and LGBTQ parents are no different from one other. The opinion that people had wasn’t as accurate because they did not analyze everything. They focused on the information that parents were not heterosexual, but were part of the LGBTQ community; this is only one part of the issue. Sadly, children who are from a LGBTQ family often face problems with they are treated. There are people who disagree with LGBTQ and do so vocally. In society, children of LGBTQ families will get treated differently because of this. It is time we focus on the main idea and the topic of children's needs and how we can best serve our future.

In conclusion, when you do get elected president change this major topic. Living in United States of America, people say we are free and we are all treated fairly over here. Topics like these can make this statement not as accurate.


Yesenia Avalos

Lobo School of Innovation

LSI World Arts

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