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Gun control

Innocent children and people die because of some crazy person that gets ahold of a gun. Restrictions need to be put on who can own a gun and bigger more dangerous guns need to be banned.

Dear Mr. President,

Congratulations on becoming president! I know you have a lot of work to do, but I wanted to write to you about gun control. I read the Second Amendment of the Constitution, and I know that it is an important part of American history that people have the right to protect themselves and their families, but I am worried about the really dangerous guns that can kill a big group of people being too easy for anyone to acquire.

An important problem related to gun control is that people are not keeping guns safely and that results in death or serious injury. Children like to go exploring the house get a hold of the guns and either shoot themselves or other people.“A three-year-old boy is playing with a gun and shoots himself in the face.” “A four-year-old girl discovers a gun and shoots her four-year-old cousin, killing him.” reported from the Washington Post (September 4, 2014).These cases show you how dangerous it is to have a gun in the house or a gun that is loaded.

Criminals have the ability to buy machine guns illegally and kill an entire society with them. “The death tolls change, the places change: Nine in a church, 23 in a restaurant, 26 in an elementary school, now 49 in a nightclub. The faces in the memorial photos change every time.” Reported from the Washington Post updated (July 27, 2016). There should be some restrictions on guns so that these innocent people don’t die from one insane person’s thoughts and ideas. It’s better to ban big guns because they are not needed for people that are not a police officer or soldier. If you want to protect yourself from criminals all you need is a small pistol. You should make it so the only guns allowed are pistols that aren’t full auto or rapid fire.

We have lots of laws that make people take a driving test to get a license that lets you drive a car, or make it so you can’t get alcohol until you are old enough, and you need a prescription from the doctor for certain types of medicines. It should be the same with guns. In some states there is a law that makes you do a written test if you want to carry guns with you everywhere you go. That means you don’t have to take test if you are keeping the guns at home. That rule isn’t safe enough because even if the guns are at home. You can easily just take it outside without the police seeing. Other states have a law that says you should have to take a test to be able to even own a gun. Make that it so that law is national saying that you have to take a test to own a pistol. Make sure you have to take the tests again after a few years. Banning big guns will definitely help America.

There is a well known problem with children accidentally shooting themselves or people around them because they get ahold of guns that aren’t kept safely. “He was shaking from head to toe,” Uribe said of her son after he returned from playing outside. “He kept saying, ‘So and so shot so and so with a gun.’ I absolutely did not think it was real; I thought it was a Nerf gun or a BB gun, and he just kept saying, “No, Mommy, it was a real gun.” this was reported from International Business Times (01/06/16 , 11:06 AM). That incident happened because the family didn’t keep their gun locked up. But that doesn’t mean you should ban bigger guns, that means you should talk about it on television and try to get the message to them. Tell everyone “If you don’t keep your guns locked up you’re risking your child’s life.” Try to deliver the message better.

If we do push gun control and ban certain guns it will be an opportunity for gangs to sell these items because if guns are limited there will be a demand for guns. If guns are banned in the USA, gangs will buy guns from other places and sell it to the customer at much higher prices. Since the customer can buy nowhere else they will pay the full price. These actions lead to gangs being wealthy and more shootings could occur.

In other states you have to take a written test to even own a gun. Those rules are already enough to keep criminals from acquiring guns. There shouldn’t be a problem if everything stays the same way with guns.

There are flaws to the gun control laws we have now. People who have a criminal record find ways to get guns.They could get them from illegal shops or buy the parts online and make it at home. “Cody Wilson made 3D-printed guns famous. But there’s an easier and cheaper way to make a semi-automatic rifle at home, and it’s unregistered, unserialized and completely legal: buying gun parts online.” As seen on an article by Fusion (3/16/15,3:33 PM). You should make buying gun parts and 3d printed guns illegal.

People could be enjoying their day and a criminal could pull out a machine gun and open fire at all the innocent people. It would be harder for the criminals to get machine guns if there was a law banning every gun that isn’t a pistol and different tests to get one. Any illegal shop wouldn’t have access to machine guns if they were banned. It would make a safer environment for everyone if you banned or put a restriction on the bigger and more dangerous guns.

Sincerely, Amir

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