Rishi S. California

Abortion - Pro-Life

These are reasons why abortion should be illegal in the United States.

     Hello, my name is Rishi and I will be talking about how abortion is wrong, and cruel.

     Abortion should be illegal in the U.S.A because it is the same as killing a baby human, and there are ways to not have a pregnancy you do not want to have.

     Abortion is the same as killing a baby human. Think about it, if you kill an unborn baby, it is like killing a human. Like if you abort, it is dead. Like if you have your kid, then kill it. It is the exact same to me. That’s my opinion. There are also ways to not have the kid in the first place!

     There are ways to have not any kids. It is so easy. It is the parent’s responsibility. And if so, too bad. You should be more responsible. It is so evil and extremely mean. And I think that if you have the baby, you should at least put it up for adoption instead of killing the baby. At least that way, you are not killing your own child.

     Although women should have control over their own body, killing an unborn child, is the same as killing a little baby boy or girl, and that should never be legal. You may say women should have control. They can, but they should not be able to choose to kill a baby.

     This is a big problem. People should not have the right to killing people, even if it is an unborn child. This just is not right and should not be legal.

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Diablo Vista Middle School

Zhebel - English 8

Zhebel - English 8

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