Destiny New Jersey

LGBT rights

LGBT should have equal rights.

Dear future president,

I am very into LGBT rights. America is the land of the free, well if we're free why are so many people against it? The people of the LGBT community are being abused, tortured, and tormented.People of all genders and sexuality should be able to have the same rights as everybody else, it is wrong for so called “straight people”to have privileges and not for the LGBT community. “Straight people” are people that like different genders and Gay people like the same gender.There still people, they still bleed red, there human, there heart beats. Transgender people are people who are assigned male or female but they want to change their gender. I was taught all people are equal no matter what color they are what race they are whatever they are they are equal.Same sex couples different sex couples are still couples.Maybe if you have a speech about all the good in LGBT maybe people will calm down.If we have more parades it will get more people into the LGBT community,it will get through there head LGBT is a real thing.I believe that everyone is equal no matter what they are.Please future president do something about this problem.