Tony T. Minnesota

Dear President

Police vs The people they sworn to protect

       So far this year in 2016 America, 865 people have been shot and killed by police.

Around 100 people were killed without probable cause. As to where I am going with this, all of these incidents involve the police. The people we look to for safety and protection. Right now in America, the minimal requirements for becoming a police officer goes as follows: age 18, diploma or equivalent. 3-4 months police academy.Pass some tests and you're in. But that's the minimalist approach. Now most departments require a two year college degree or associate's degree. The future president should elongate the process towards becoming a police officer, making it more tedious and strenuous. The people that are in charge of maintaining law and order should become the best they could be. Police can part traffic, carry arms and they command a sort of respect about them. 3-4 months is just too short of time to become a police officer. During the 3-4 months they learn laws and undergo physical tests. I think an additional course should be added. Where they learn how to read body language and learn how the human mind works.

On the topic of the black lives matter movement, I don't see it as an only black person problem. It's an American problem. Every life matters. One of my favorite comedians Trevor Noah say this” if you're pro-Black Lives Matter, you're assumed to be anti-police, and if you're pro-police, then you surely hate black people," Noah said. "It seems like it's pro-cop and anti-black, or pro-black and anti-cop, when in reality, you can be pro-cop and pro-black, which is what we should all be. It should be what we're aiming for”. He went on and on and really hit some good points. He called out police departments. He called out people of color. He mentioned how people were more outraged about The gorilla Harambe getting shot, which was true. The shootings may or may not have been the cops faults. Cops should be taught better on how to effectively defuse and control situations. I'm personally pro-cop and pro-black. I don't really like calling it pro “black”. Because it's so much more than a black only problem. So the next time you see a police officer thank him or her. Don't judge them based on what the media says, because they put them in the worst light possible. There's plenty of nice cops out there.