Zoey J. Missouri


Immigrants aren't really hurting the economy.

Dear Future President,

     Are undocumented immigrants hurting, helping,  or doing anything at all to hurt the U.S economy? Many say they're taking our jobs and money. I would like to believe they're helping us, or not doing anything at all. Undocumented workers make so much less, essentially do more work than we do for less, and they put money into our Social Security and don't get any of it.

     According to the article, "Do Illegal Immigrants Actually Hurt the U.S Economy?" by Adam Davidson it talks about how the undocumented workers are helping carpenters and electricians and make so much less than an average American citizen. They are doing the "dirty work" most American citizens don't want to do, for cheap. When an American is doing it, then they are being paid minimum wage. Therefore, undocumented workers are saving some of the economy's money by getting paid less.

     In the same article, it is talking about how the undocumented worker is taking care of tasks on the worksite that allows the carpenters and electricians to do what they do best. People say that undocumented workers are taking our jobs, but Americans obviously don't want the job because any of the worksites would probably prefer an American and there isn't an American taking the job.  Undocumented workers won't be taking the higher paying jobs anyway, because they only make $25,000 a year, making it hard for them to go to school and get the education needed for the higher paying jobs. 

     In the same article stated above, it talks about how undocumented workers are contributing up to $300 billion dollars, nearly 10% of the 27 trillion Social Security Trust. Are they taking out money? No. In a way, we are taking their money, because they're putting money into it and not getting it back. 

     In my opinion, the undocumented workers aren't doing anything to hurt the economy. They're doing our "dirty work" for pretty much nothing and they're putting money into our Social Security that they never see. They're not taking as much money from the U.S. as an American would.


                                                                                                                          Zoey J.