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How Trump Will Deal With Immigration

My article's topic is about "How Trump Will Deal With Immigration", and what will he do to keep immigrants out ?

November 10, 2016

Dear Donald Trump,

My name is (Name and address withheld) and I am a 7th grade student in school somewhere in the Milky Way Galaxy, from Earth, in the Western Region, in the USA,in California, San Jose and i'm writing you a letter. I wanted to talk to you(not in person) about immigration. I really don’t think that building a wall is that necessary if you’re going to keep immigrants out. I mean maybe you could get like a strip of thick white rolling tape and make a really long line like in the Looney Toons or something and name it the “Great Line of Trump” and put a toll booth right in the middle.

Anyway, do you even watch NigaHiga (Pronounced-Nee-GA-Hee-GA), he has good points. Like in his “Asian stereotypes” video, how he pointed out if things people say about asians is true. I mean, just because some Mexicans and Blacks smuggle drugs or rap or bring guns, doesn’t mean that all of them are bad. And just because a single asian you meet is smart doesn’t doesn’t mean they are all smart or can’t drive. Were all the same people, some have power over others, true, but that is perfectly fine. It’s like, just because someone is Black, White, or Orange doesn’t mean that they're any different than us, were all the same! We’re all human beings! We are all people of this beautiful green planet Earth which could die at any moment for that matter.

Immigration could be thought of as a good thing too you know. I’m pretty sure that's how some famous people came to the U.S. And that's how many certain people shaped our country, and now that you’re the brand new president, (not for long) you have the option. And for sure Mexico isn’t going to pay for construction so that’s up to you. Let’s say you let somebody inside the border or they make it through your so called “Wall”, how are you going to figure out who crossed it and where? The wall will be too big and long ( no pun intended) for anyone to keep track of where they crossed from. You can’t hire 10,000 men to guard each perimeter, and 10,000 cameras is too much too moniter, ain't it? So how is it going work.

Just accept that some families without a home need somewhere to start a new life man. And if some people are like, all evil with guns drugs, than that's why we have the police and the military.

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