Daniel G. California


The environment is in danger!

Dear Future President,

The environment is a major problem in communities and in the world. There are many problems associated with the environment, including air pollution, global warming, and water pollution. Most of these problems are caused by humans. If these problems are not solved, it will affect the future children of everyone. The earth has warmed up about 1.53 degrees Fahrenheit from 1880 to 2012, due to global warming. Water pollution is also gradually increasing.

Air pollution is causing problems in humans. Air pollution is causing respiratory problems and heart problems. Air pollution also causes problems for aviation because it is reducing visibility, which can cause a major tragedy. Water pollution may cause hepatitis by eating seafood that is contaminated. In many poor nations, there are always outbreaks of cholera and diseases as a result of poor drinking water. Global Warming is causing longer periods of drought and more frequent wildfires. We must strive to protect the environment to stop these problems from continuing.


Daniel Gonzalez