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My letter is about gun control and the reasons why I would like this this to be part of the United States of America. I wrote this letter because every time I watch the news or go onto the internet, there is always bad news about guns

Dear Donald Trump,

An issue that has been going around the U.S.A is gun violence. Everyday when I watch the news or go on the internet, someone is always getting killed or severely injured. I feel like this is one of the main issues because a vast majority of people have been getting hurt. As you are reading this letter, there are probably a bunch of people getting severely injured or even killed by the problem of guns.

The fact that people that have guns illegally as American citizens is unjust; they should have guns taken away from them. The people that do need guns are the army, police, or the government. This should be able to put into the list of laws because people are constantly getting hurt by this powerful weapon. Everytown for Gun Safety will focus on 15 states because, Bloomberg says, “we've got to work at gun control "piece by piece." According to Mayor Michael Bloomberg on CNN News. (April 18, 2014)

One reason why I want you to address gun control is because several people are killed by this dangerous weapon. In early October, I watched on the CNN news that, a fourteen year old boy shot his father, then drove down to an elementary school and shot a few other students and a teacher. One student had gotten shot on the leg and one teacher was shot and killed. This was very heartbreaking news for the victims’ families. As I watched the news, I saw terrified looks on the innocent faces of the elementary students. They probably will be haunted in their dreams and nightmares after this incident. Although people say that they don’t get killed by guns, they get killed by people. People that do have guns, could hurt a lot more people at once, even themselves or their family.

For example, on CNN news, it was reported that in late October 2nd of 2015, at Oregon State University, there was a shooting on campus. A lot of students got injured, but a few had gotten killed by the gunman. People have a better chance of getting injured if they have a gun. Another reason why I want you to address this issue, is because people have been also hurting themselves. Researchers say that ninety percent of all of the shootings, the shooter would be most likely to harm targets or innocent bystanders, then kill themselves. .For example, a celebrity was signing autographs and taking pictures with fans but got shot multiple times, and the gunman shooting himself to death. Family, friends, and fans of the victim was sadden about this terrible incident, and wondered why she had to leave the world at such a young age.

Obviously, gun violence is a big issue in America. As a new president of the United States, your responsibility is to protect people in this country, and have your own power to make gun-control become a new law to protect us, As we are American citizens. So that everytime I walk of my house I feel safe wherever I go.


Trina Nguyen

Lobo School of Innovation

LSI World Arts

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