Jose V. California

More Suitable Jobs for Older People

Older people without an education should have the right to have jobs that understand the limits of an older man without lowering their pay for all the people depending on him/her.

Dear next president,

       Growing up with a single father and sister was easier when my father was younger since jobs were employing young men who are capable of working long hours without them needing much attention. Now that my father is old, he has to take care of 5 children while getting paid near minimum wage. My father is older and can't work how he use to while jobs for older people without an education are hard to find. Once when my dad wasn't given as many hours we got scared, scared that my life would change. On top of this my dad got badly sick which led to some days off. In order for us to maintain our normal lifestyle my sister had to step up to help support us by getting a job while also managing university.  I believe everyone should have an equal opportunity to get a job understanding the limits of an older man without lowering their pay.  Moreover I sincerely believe that raising or even giving  the same amount of pay as a younger person to older people will help the economy and help the children that heavily depend on their father or mother.

Many new jobs have come in order to employ the lower class, some with and some without education, but generally jobs of this category is based on strength or hard work. Older people who are part of the lower class can not perform as a younger person looking for a job. Although education is very important and with it you can strive to get a better but my father could not balance work, school, and family. Therefore I believe jobs should be created to suit his needs without forcing him to do jobs that could overwhelm him or cause an injury.  These hard working people are depended by children and family members which could cause younger people to drop out of school to help their family. Low pay ruins our society by having lower income families exposing children to gangs or even causing some to turn to a life of crime in order to support their families. This can also lead to teen pregnancy causing even more ruin to our society.

I want to believe in a world where I shouldn't have to live in fear of ending up on the streets. I want to live in a society where older people have the same opportunities as someone young. Although I understand that everyone in the United States of America have equal opportunities to strive to greatness, I also believe that older people who weren't as privileged as we are should be given a hope of keeping a secure and well balanced paying job for the people who desperately depend on them.