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Does the cost of college restrict students from attending?

As college tuition begins to rise higher and higher many people can't afford college. How will the next generation gain a higher education?

Dear Next President,

I have seen the problem in many students and parents who have experience where they had to be accepted into a college due to the drastically low acceptance rates but to add on to the fact where it is very difficult to get into a good college I have noticed the cost to go to college is exponentially higher. Only 39% of people from age 18-24 are currently attending college. That is an extremely low amount of people who are attending college. Ask yourself this what is the other 61% percent of the students who aren't enrolled in college doing?

I have had personal experience with college cost in my family because just recently I was told one of my cousins who became a family doctor couldn't find a college in the United States so he had to go to another country to find the education he wished to get. After finally earning his degree he had racked up a total of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in debt and is struggling to find a job after returning back to the United States. An average doctor has to "spend four years in medical school and then complete 3-7 years of residency training" as stated by On average the cost of college tuition is around $30,000 a year for a private college. To become a doctor that would mean the minimum amount of money you would have to pay is $210,000. This is unimaginable that you would have to pay this much money to become a doctor. A doctor on average who have to give their entire pay raise for one year to pay the tuition fee.

Everyone should all have the same chance to attend college to create themselves a better future to help support their family in the future. I feel that the cost should be lowered. When you attend college you have to pay for books, housing and your needs to add on to the big cost of attending college. The cost for college is a struggle to pay for even for middle class. Knowing this ask yourself how will the lower income households expect to pay for college?  Though some people would argue that you can be granted a full scholarship in which they don't have to pay for the tuition of going to college I have to say that it is a good way to get rid of college tuition but you have to remember that you have to be an outstanding student and some students aren't lucky enough to get a scholarship to get to go to college.

Though I still have many years before I attend college I would like in the future to see the country grow prosperous and see many more students attending college including me as one of those students who will attend college. Change can happen if you become the change you want to be . If less students attend college, the economy of the U.S will drop. Will you watch your our country become less and less educated or will you create an educated country? The choice is yours Future President, lead our country wisely.


John P.

Santa Clara High School

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