Salwa Illinois

Strengthening the 2nd Amendment

The 2nd Amendment needs to be strengthened in order to decrease gun violence.

Dear President Elect,

I used to live in Chicago, but I currently live in a suburb near Chicago. I grew up in Chicago and I am well acquainted with it. Now, however, when I walk down the streets of Chicago, I can not stop my terror. I hear news of people being murdered everyday in Chicago, and I can not help but wonder if someone I know will be next. I do not want fear to be the first emotion that comes to mind when I think about Chicago. Chicago is a great place and would be greater if guns are taken out of the hands of criminals.

I am writing this letter hoping you will see it and attempt to strengthen the second amendment. The second amendment gives people the right to bear arms, and I know being allowed to bear arms is a necessary right. However, America’s crime rate is increasing because there are no guidelines set for who should be allowed to own a gun. Criminals have ways to access guns, illegally and legally, and nothing is being done to stop them. In America, 90 people are killed everyday by a gun, and 216 people get shot, but survive. These numbers are shocking and if they are not enough to motivate people to strengthen the 2nd amendment, then I do not know what will be. Thorough background checks should be placed into action, denying people with any criminal backgrounds access to guns. Also, we should be on the lookout for places where guns are being sold illegally. Although these efforts will not end all gun violence, they will be the first step in making America great for the first time. 

                                                                                                                                                 Thank you,