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Gun Control

This letter is tell you (Donald Trump) that Gun Control needs to be brought to the Untied States of America, and you can make that happen. Here is my reasoning to why gun control need to be brought to our community.

Dear Donald Trump,

Something that needs to be advised on is the United States is Gun Control. Why is gun control important? Well, if you haven’t noticed, many people are dying because of the way some people are choosing to use guns. The United States is the country that has the most gun violence. I’m here to tell you why gun control needs to be advised to the United States of America.

Every state should have gun control. People that don’t use their guns appropriately, kill or harm many innocent people. Who wants to find out that his/her family, relatives, and friends died because someone decided to make a bad decision, by not having gun control? As Christopher Ingraham from The Washington Post wrote, “Voters in four states will consider a handful of gun-control proposals Tuesday. The measures have drawn big-dollar support from national gun-control groups such as Everytown for Gun Safety, and enjoy significant fundraising advantages over opposition groups such as the National Rifle Association. Polling indicates all four measures are favored to pass.” That’s why the world is asking asking you, Future President, to please make a difference for everybody in the United States. Azuz reported that, “ One part of the president's plan would make a new rule for individuals who are, quote, in the business of selling firearms. The president's proposal to restrict gun rights were debated by the U.S. Senate and rejected. Critics of the president's proposal say it wouldn't have stopped last month`s terrorist attacks in San Bernardino, California, or the 2012 shooting at an elementary school in Newton, Connecticut.” You could make a law where everybody in the United States, besides the army or soldiers, may only use a gun for safety purposes. That means that if someone is harassing strongly or breaks into your house with a knife, you can use a gun for protection, but if someone decides to use their gun to kill, harm or create terror attacks, they will be sent to jail immediately.

On the other hand, there are some people that don’t agree with having gun control. Other people think that people should get to do whatever they want with a gun. That there should be no law or rule that says that you shouldn’t use a gun in this way or that way. People that think that use their gun to kill and harm people. Just think about it. Don’t you see how many people are dying and suffering, just because others don’t have gun control. More than one thousand people die each year from gun violence. “The president emotional when mentioning victims of that attack, said while his action wouldn`t stop every act of violence or evil in the world, it could try to stop one act of evil, one act of violence,” according to CNN News.Why let gun violence keep on happening when you can just change a rule that won’t take away anything from someone. If you change just one simple rule, no more families have to suffer or die because of gun violence. The United States can live in peace, without any more terror attacks. It could change many lives. Like they always say, “You could keep it, but use it responsibly, or it can be taken away, and you don’t use it at all.”

All in all, gun control needs to be brought up to the United States. Please Donald Trump, make a change and create gun control. The U.S.A will be way more peaceful by just one rule. Think about it, you could change the U.S by just making one law. We kids can’t make that big of a change, but you can.What do you think is best for the country? Create gun control, and create peace.


Aivy Lam :)

Lobo School of Innovation

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