jibril m. Washington

racism in america

my letter is about racism towards African Americans

Dear Mr. or Ms. President,

I'm writing about racism towards African Americans in the United States of America. I hope my letter teaches you something new.My is ussie is racism towards African Americans in the USA. I think that people should care and pay attention to this because it's unfair to the ones who are being discriminated against. People should not get treated a certain just because of their skin color. I think that we should all have the same rights and all should be treated the same way because we are all human.What i'm trying to argue is that racial discrimination against African Americans is something we should pay attention to.

Racism is still a problem in communities in the United States. “Large majorities of whites think blacks in their area receive equal treatment in housing, hiring, shopping and criminal justice. Far fewer blacks say the same”(LANGER). People need to know that African Americans have a voice too, and they should be heard when they say that they don’t feel welcome in American communities.

Racism is also a problem in criminal justice. An article from the Denver Post says, “even though more whites were killed by police in 2015 by sheer numbers, blacks were three times as likely to be killed by police”(Denver Post). This shows how unfair our police systems are treating minorities.

It is true that racism is a huge issue in the united states. People may say that it’s not because they don’t care, or they think that everyone is getting treated equally. "After the 1960s and early 1970s, somehow we developed the mythology that systemic racism disappeared," says Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, a professor of sociology at Duke University. But, people don’t understand everything that is going on today. Just because our laws aren’t as racist as Jim Crow laws, doesn’t mean the system is not still racist.

I am convinced that we are all human, so we should all be treated like humans, no matter what.You should do something about racism in America because it’s causing chaos between African-Americans and white Americans. Something needs to be done so that we can feel like one whole country.

sincerely,jibril mohamednur

West Seattle High School

1st block

1st and 2nd period

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