Zachery E. Oregon

College Tuition.

College Tuition needs to be lowered.

Dear Next President:

I’m a student at West Albany High School. There is a major problem with the pricing of college that must be fixed. Education is an important part of a civilization. Tuition, though, is too high for a large portion of the population. A change in pricing needs to happen so more people can go to college.

I myself am hoping to go to college, but looking at the prices of colleges it seems to be maybe too much. According to CNN Money , “For years, America's college campuses swelled with more and more students. However, enrollment peaked in 2010 at just over 21 million students. Attendance has dropped every year since.” The amount of students going to college is decreasing at a steady pace. With the amount of students going to college lowering, the need to find a way to get more students to go to college becomes more of a problem.

However, there is a problem with lowering the prices too much or just making college free.  According to the website WND article, “Economist: Deems' 'free college' would ruin education,” a “...prominent economist says the only results would be soaring costs for taxpayers and a much worse education for students." By lowering the price too much the economy would suffer. Brian Wesbury also said in the WND article, “When you give something away for free, the demand for it picks up.” If the cost of college were to lower too much or become free then the quality of college will go down with it, but a balance between cost and quality needs to be found to encourage equal opportunity.

When the prices fall, then more kids will be able to go to college. College will be in a more suitable price range for an abundance of kids who couldn’t go before. Filling the empty chairs wouldn’t take long, because so many kids want to go but can’t without this change. Lowering of the price doesn’t mean making it free, but making it affordable for more students. To lower the prices of college would be a step into making the world a smarter place.

Sincerely, Zachery E.