Allie P. Illinois

Guns are too easy to attain

The wrong people are getting a hold of guns. A result from that would be the outrageous amount of deaths in one year caused by firearms.

Dear mrs/mr.president,

Did you know that in 2010,guns took the lives of 31,076 americans in homicides,suicides, and accidental shootings? It is obvious that the U.S needs to be more strict on how to get a gun. Too many of the wrong people are getting a hold of guns and people are dying everyday because of it.According to this is the equivalent of 85 deaths each day and around 3 deaths each hour. Research done by the same website shows that firearms were the third leading cause of injury related deaths in 2010. There needs to be change soon before anything worse can happen.

There are 300 million guns in the united states. As of 2016 there are 324,118,787 people in the united states. That can give almost every person in the U.S a gun. That means that out of all those people a gun is falling into the wrong hands. That resulting into a death or suicide. In the year 2015 there were 13,286 people killed by a firearm. According to Gun Violence Archive 26,819 people were also injured due to a firearm.According to UNODC of all murders in the U.S 60% of them were caused by firearm. In Canada only 31% were caused by firearms.

Did you know the main reason americans own firearms is as “self-defense”. Guns will not make the american people safer. According to Gun Violence Archive U.S already loses over 30,000 people already to gun violence. Arming more people with guns is not the appropriate response to defend themselves to a shooter. The u.s spends trillions of dollars a year for self defense against terrorism. The deaths caused from self defense against terrorists is nearly a fraction from an ordinary u.s gun shooting.

How many mass shooting would you think an average american thinks there are in a year? The majority of responses that i got were “1 -4 a year”. However every single one of them were off by A LOT. In 2015 there were 372 mass shootings. Killing 475 people and injuring 1,870 of them according to “Mass shooter tracker” A mass shooting is defined as a shooting with 4 or more people dead. Mass shootings happen everyday and you wouldn't even know it. Too many of the wrong people are attaining guns and are affecting the families of others.

Death in the U.S increases every year. Every year the number of deaths caused by a fire arm is going up and affecting more families. Not only families but the community and safety of children. There are areas in the country where kids or even adults do not feel safe because they live in a neighborhood were a shooting can happen at anytime. Nobody should have to feel that way. Make the change to prevent more deaths and help people across the country feel safe. This is a topic that needs to be payed close attention to and should be talked about more often during school or at anytime possible to show the dangers of a gun and the emotional damage it can do to someone.


Allie P